I just installed Logtale of Habits (LoH) on my personal computer. Now what? How it works and what to expect?

First, you need to let the app run for a while to collect some data. To make it easier, on Windows you can hide the app from the task bar by closing the main window. To make the app visible again, just click on the icon in the system tray.

After the application runs for a while, you will start getting notifications about your productivity and your posture, and charts will be available with the recorded data. If you want to mute the sound (not receive any sound notification), you need to move the volume slider to zero.

By default, the sound notifications are text-to-speech. You can change this with other sounds using the options in Settings/Customizations. More details about the customizations will be provided soon in another article.

LoH is a modular app: Each tab in the main window corresponds to a module. And each module has it’s own Settings section in the respective tab. From there you can enable or disable specific notifications (like, the “it’s time to take a break” one). Also, there you can tweek other settings as well. But, for the first few days we recommend to use the default settings.

Does this app video-records me?

No, the app does not store any image or video of you, it only stores a log of events on your own computer. All the processing and the storage of the events is done locally, nothing is sent over the internet.

What can I achive using the app?

If you spend a lot of time in front of the computer, LoH can help you to:

  • Improve your posture, by getting notifications when slouching or doing well, and by tracking progress using charts. Learn more about the Posture module.
  • Improve productivity and work life balance, by:
    • remembering to take regular breaks. Getting regular breaks helps you reconnect with your work.
    • better understanding how you spend your time in front of the computer. Visualise charts with your activity.
    • using the Pomodoro technique. Learn more about the Pomodoro module.

If you are interested in achieving only some of the goals enumerated above, as is often the case, you need to change the settings for each module to get only the notifications you need.

Each person is unique and has specific needs at a moment in time. That’s why we try to make the app configurable, and this will improve with each new release.

Our mission is to help you improve something in your life, by getting feedback about yourself from the data collected through your webcam in your own privacy.

If you didn’t yet installed Logtale of Habits, you can do it now for free, and get a 2 weeks trial period.

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