Many freelancers and computer workers who spend much of their day in front of a laptop, often struggle with being productive and keep staying focused on their goals. Sometimes we just spend too much time working on the wrong issue, or not working at all, and instead surfing the internet. Some simple habits would help to break this patterns, especially the habit of taking small breaks in order to reconnect with your goals and to make sure you don’t waste large chunks of your time. This would also contribute to you’re overall feeling of well being.

Taking many small breaks means working in many small sessions. One popular and very simple technique, that inspired us, is the Pomodoro productivity technique. This method uses a timer to break down work into sessions of about 25 minutes. After each completed session you take a small break of 3-5 minutes, and after you complete 4 sessions in a row you should take a larger break, of 15-30 minutes. If you use this technique over a longer period, you would like to know and understand how you spent your time. To solve this problem, there are many “Pomodoro apps” out there. But, our Pomodoro module for the Logtale of Habits desktop application is the first that uses the webcam to track the actual work done by the user.

Our app will automatically classify your time into session and break periods, and it will provide notifications to take a break or to get back to work when needed. This makes it easier to use the Pomodoro technique, because you don’t have to set timers anymore, and you can track what you actually did instead of what you intended to do.

Of course, there are some limitations and we did some assumptions. First of all, this is an app for computer workers, that requires a webcam, and some privacy to be able to use the webcam. Then, work (or “session”) only means work in front of the computer. And “break” means not being close or not being present in front of the computer. In the course of a session you can have very small breaks which will be counted as part of the working session. And correspondingly, in the course of a break you can be present for short periods of time in the front of the computer.

Although the time you spend in a “working session” may not be necessarily spent doing actual work, the fact that you can track it this way and the fact that you can get “take a break” notifications, can make you a lot more productive. And you can get useful insights about how you use your time in front of the PC, and how your work-life balance is currently tilted. The Logtale of Habits application helps you change some bad habits in order to improve your productivity.

The Pomodoro module is functional, but still in testing and development. We would like to get your feedback about how well it works and if was indeed useful for you. The Logtale of Habits application is a swissknife of webcam-based tools for personal development. We adapt and modify our tools based on the feedback we receive, and we will implement the most requested features. So, please try out the app and share your thoughts with us!

You can download the beta version of our app and try it 2 weeks for free. Any question or feedback is welcome! Then you can purchase a license and became one of our first customers and supporters. Thank you!

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